Invisalign is a well known treatment to straighten mild to moderate crowding using clear aligners.  This is an alternative to traditional braces for adults who prefer not to have metal braces or wires.  With a series of clear aligners, your teeth will gradually reposition in order to create a smile that you will be proud of.  


These aligners are processed with advanced 3D computer technology to provide you with a virtual treatment plan.  This will allow you to to see what your teeth will look like at each stage.


At Morningside 621 Dental, we have Invisalign certified dentists to help create that smile that you want!!  For more information, give us a call!!



Extra facts:

  • You can remove these aligners to eat, hence, easier to clean your teeth.

  • Each aligner moves your teeth bit by bit.

  • In more difficult cases, small teeth-colored attachments will be required to be placed on your teeth.  These will be removed at the very end of treatment.

  • In the case of extensive crowding, slight polishing between the teeth may be required to create some space to avoid extractions.