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Are YOU up for recycling??

Have you ever thought of what happens to a lot of the things we throw away? Have you ever thought that we seem to produce so much waste in our daily lives....

Working at a dental surgery, it is inevitable to have these thoughts. We pride ourselves in keeping a very high level of infection control but resulting in a fast turnover rate of materials. This lead us to wonder if there were any method that would allow us to recycle at least some of these materials.

Recently, we encountered a company called Terracycle, it is an global company that collects and recycles difficult-to-recycle packaging and products. For every piece of waste Terracycle collects, they will donate $0.02 to our chosen charity. At Morningside 621 Dental, we have chosen Tzu Chi Organisation to be our charity. Our clinic has been actively involved in this charity for a long period of time, this includes participating in dental fairs for the homeless and refugees and helping to provide free dental treatment to the community in Tara (rural QLD).

If you are interested in recycling and have any of the following products, please bring them into Morningside 621 Dental and we will send them to Terracycle for you!!! Let's help make the world a greener planet!!

If you would like more information: Terracycle: Tzu Chi Organisation (Australia):

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