Cosmetic Services


Good teeth is important for a good smile.  It has been researched that when one is happy about their teeth they are more likely to have a more genuine (duchenne) smile.  If there is anything that you would like to adjust to your smile we can discuss with you about the different treatments that are available.  

The following are several common treatments:

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1.  Crowns

Crowns are caps that are lab-fitted over your original tooth.  It allows us to strengthen, alter and repair your tooth shape, length, function and colour.   

2.  Veneers - Porcelain/Composite

Veneers are very thin restorations that are placed over the front-facing of your tooth.  There are 2 types available:

1.  Porcelain:

These are lab fabricated restorations designed to fit snugly onto the front of your tooth.  This is a method to easily improve your aesthetics and shape of your tooth by removing a very small amount of tooth structure.  

2.  Composite:

Composite veneers are done in-chair.  Composite veneers are not as aesthetic as porcelain veneers but allow us to quickly improve the smile and at a smaller price.  

3.  Braces/Invisalign


Straighter teeth are generally viewed as an important part of a good smile.  This is a treatment that can be done by children and adults.  There are 2 types available:

1.  Braces:

Braces is the more conventional treatment.  It works by slowly moving your teeth into alignment with wires.  

2.  Invisalign:

This is more commonly known as the "clear/invisible braces".  Removable aligners trays move your teeth into the desired positions without any wires.  

4.  Teeth Whitening

This is the easiest method to improve a smile.  To lighten and whiten the colour of the teeth can brighten your smile directly.  This can be done either in-chair or by take home kits.  

5.  Implants/Bridges/Dentures

These are commonly used to replace missing teeth.

If you are interested in changing your smile - come in and we can discuss what is best for you!